About Us

How we arrived at the company name? [Unknown Encoding]

We thought very deeply about us and came with a name that justifies our motive. Let’s know then. We feel, there are various terminologies related to various topics bubbling around us like PinCode, Save Money, Car Name Plate Numbering, etc., and all these are known to you as it exists in our surrounding but now try to answer these:

Why 6 digits in Pin Code ??? How and where to save money??? Why is Car Name Plate digits numbering structure like this??? do you know these? Yes, you may, but most of you will not be knowing these.

Basically, these terms are known to you but still unknown and we can think it as terms in encoded like form. So, we will decode these known but still Unknown encoded type terms for you and name us as Unknown Encoding. Let’s decode it.

What We do? [Decode the Unknown]

We decode the information related to the fields like Technology, Politics, Sports, General Topics, etc., which you might be knowing but still unknown because you never went into depth to decode the same. Also, catch here some important information on the latest trending topics and get awesome tech related hacks to decode the tech too.

Why we do so? [To decode the encoded terms, techniques, theories, etc.]

Often, you might have come across several terms, techniques, theories related to fields like science, technology, entertainment, etc. in day to day routine life or may have heard somewhere like in news or on the internet and you may have knowledge of that too but what exactly is that, or how is it working or why is that even happening? We do not want the world to stay in a state of confusion, so we took a step forward to decode anything that comes our way where we will feel that it should reach our audience and hence take an oath to decode the unknown encoded terms.

So, why wait? Let’s Decode it.

Connect to know more about us

If you want to know more about us or want to connect with us in any way, please contact us at [email protected] or through the CONTACT page