5 reasons of TikTok ban in India

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TikTok, the name which got too much attention from everywhere, recently, the supreme court banned TikTok in India on 17th April 2019 where both the Google and the Apple removed TikTok from the Google Play store and the App Store. Later we will see 5 reasons of TikTok ban in India but one who is already having the TikTok app installed can still use the app freely.

Let’s decode in and out about TikTok and will discuss 5 major reasons of why TikTok baned in India.

What is TikTok?

  • ByteDance is the owner of TikTok, the app, also known as Douyin in China
  • It is an app for creating short videos and sharing the same
  • It was launched in China initially, in Sept. 2016
  • One year later, it was launched in the overseas market, with the name TikTok
  • It is leading short video media platform in Asia, the United States, and other countries.
  • It is available in 75 languages and over 150 markets
  • In Nov. 2017, ByteDance purchased musical.ly, another popular social media platform
  • TikTok also bought musical.ly, Shanghai-based startup, having an office in California for targeting the US teenage group
  • In Aug. 2018, TikTok merged with musical.ly, consolidating all data and existing accounts into one app, TikTok
  • In July 2018, the app crossed 500 million downloads globally
  • Several big celebrities also joined TikTok that created a great impact in the market

TikTok in News

  • In the first half of 2018, it became the world’s most downloaded app on the Apple App store, leaving behind, downloads of PUBG Mobile, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram
  • With popularity, controversy also started, journalists of several countries raised privacy concerns about the app
  • Company launched Addiction-reduction feature in 2018 to allow users to stop using the app after every 90 minutes
  • Several ones considered TikTok as a national security threat because of users’ data sharing to its Chinese parent company
  • Several companies claimed that many firms are using TikTok for manipulation of public opinion
  • In July 2018, Indonesia banned TikTok, accused of promoting inappropriate content and pornography
  • In Nov. 2018, Bangladesh also banned the TikTok and blocked the app’s internet access too
  • In Feb. 2019, several Indian politicians and public voices started calling for a ban on TikTok

What happened in India

  • Indian Politicians and a large section of people started calling for the ban on the app during Feb. 2019
  • On 3rd April 2019, the Madras High Court had asked the Government of India to ban the app
  • On 17th April 2019, the supreme court ordered to remove TikTok from both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store

Why TikTok banned in India: 5 major reasons for the ban

Promotes Child Pornography and Vulgar Content

There were accusations on TikTok of constantly promoting vulgar and inappropriate content, and several minors were posting content which was promoting child pornography and was gathering a large audience.

Risk of being targeted by sexual predators

Several creators were posting content that usually comes into a personal and adult category but TikTok did not mention any age restrictions guidelines on those videos. Even, the court noted that children who were using the app were at risk of being targeted by sexual predators.

Death of people in order to get fame and money

TikTok paid money if the video reaches to a wide audience and your follower increases and this made users crazy. Recently, a content creator from Delhi was posing with a pistol for TikTok video and accidentally he lost his life while doing that. So, for content creation and to earn some money, people were ready to play with their life too. Learn ways to make money out of money

Data Compromised that raised national security concerns

TikTok is FREE where you can download the app and can upload short videos for Free, that too without any ads. Ultimately, it is an app and a business, so, what was their source of income? So, Some companies investigated and found that TikTok asked for storage locations, data and several other permissions access, and even they sent some data to their parent company in China. This way by compromising data, they earned.

Lots of teenage: Age group 13 – 19 involvement was a lot

In India, the government found that 13-19 age group mainly which we call as a teenage group, invests their valuable time and share their vital personal information with this app, and this less matured nature can be a cause of concern for India in future.

All these reasons and several other reasons led to the ban of TikTok in India and other countries too. Still, if you want to download the TikTok app then you can do that from other sources and the one who already have the app installed, they can use it freely.

Let’s see what step the Indian government will take next. Will they ban the whole app? Will they come with new guidelines for such an app? Stay connected with us, as we will update in case of any such information. Although according to latest update the supreme court has lifted the ban.

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